Product Testing with PING at the Factory in Phoenix, Arizona

On Monday 7th November, prior to heading to Scottsdale for the Charles Schwab Cup Championship, Miguel and his caddie, Cliff Botha, took the chance to visit PING’s Fitting Centre in Phoenix.  Miguel had a great session with the engineers in the PING Putter Lab where they analysed his technique whilst Miguel  tested new putter designs including the Vault Voss and Anser  2.  From the Putter Lab Miguel moved to the PING WRX Range trying new clubs, hitting balls and making small adjustments to his equipment he would go on to use in the Championship that week.   One of the highlights of any trip to the PING factory, is a visit to the PING Gold Putter Vault where Miguel carried out a Question and Answer session on Facebook Live, answering lots of questions about golf and his life on Tour.  No day with Miguel is complete without enjoying a great dinner and so he joined the team from PING at their favourite Mexican restaurant where they all enjoyed a meal together.  A really productive and great day all round!

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